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No-Go Zone: Made It On Another ‘List,’ Muslim Riots In Sweden, Azov 'Ebul Natzis' Bad, CRP Dead?
Apr 21, 2022

Red Ice TV

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Henrik cover the latest in episode 99 of No-Go Zone on this April 20, 2022.

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  • Kill them ALL. Maybe they will have to get victimized-like a politician to be raped and.or maimed by one of these scumbuckets. I will not have Afghans of Somali mongreloids living near me.

  • Swedes gave up their right to self-defense and free speech and cuck to the EU and the PC agenda. They pathetic fucks are getting what they deserve like so many other European countries that have done the same. Europe is beyond saving at this point.

  • When it comes to Muslims, how did people like Ilhan Omar get elected to the American Congress? This ungrateful thing doesn't appreciate the life the American taxpayers gave to her. WE gave her Food, Lodging, Education, and too much of taxpayer's money. Not Omar, nor any other member of AOC's so-called squad could be elected to Congress and become wealthy at taxpayers' expense and then spit in the eyes of every American, especially the ones who voted for Omar and Alexandria AOC whose election, I have heard, was financed by The Young Turks TV show. They should appreciate our great country. In what other country can a goofy looking barmaid be elected to Congress, and whose first decision was to stop Amazon from opening a facility to hire 2500 of her constituents, the same people who elected her. Never vote for AOC again, PLEASE.

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