Aug 12, 2021

Red Ice TV

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Watch Part 2 here:

Henrik cover some the latest news and recent events in episode 66 of No-Go Zone.

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  • Good to return to enjoying your podcasts after a long period of unchosen distraction! I did some experiements regarding this magnet-vax idea. If interested, I discuss the results here, my original report:

    and here, in conversation with technocracy critic, Patrick Wood:

    I am not in favor of anyone accepting the mRNA or the DNA pharmacological products. Nonetheless, the claim that these current injections are necessary to explain the magnetic effects is completely false. I demonstrate that definitively. In fact, I invite you to repeat my trials as described in the two podcasts above. All that it takes is a single magnet. I recommend the neodynium magnet (three for under $7 at ACE hardware.


  • Oh hell. These crazy folks.

  • Yeah, really, good fucking luck with that!

  • Cuomo kills thousands of elderly people by forcing nursing homes to take covid patients, but he resigns over me too. There is nothing funny about clown world.

  • I love you guys! this is my new favorite news channel and ill recommend it to all my friends. I wish i could work for you guys.

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