Aug 12, 2021

Red Ice TV

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Watch Part 1 here:

Henrik cover some the latest news and recent events in episode 66 of No-Go Zone.

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  • cdc has watched too many virus movies, CDC is hollywood manifesting. Lightonconspiracy talked about it. Try to get with Ole Dammegard and talk.

  • hysterical, that stupid jew media fear mongering isn't working where I live. The idiots that welcome their slavery don't say boo to me when I walk around with confidence and strength right past their illegal "mask required" signs. I don't give a flying fuck what any of the jew propaganda pushers in this stupid video say, I will do as I always have and no one is going to say or do shit about it. In fact when people see me not being afraid they take their muzzles off.

  • Mike Adams is a Jewish shill

  • Mandates will result public SERVANTS being hang for treason. And bankers being stripped of assets and expelled to hell.

  • Mandates will result public SEEVANTS being hang for treason.

  • Obviously some ash can Nazi choo krap

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