May 05, 2022

Red Ice TV

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Henrik cover the latest news in episode 101 of No-Go Zone this May 4, 2022.

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  • wooow that rabbi bogard is not a jew and what he is saying is all lies OMG!!! WTF judaism do not allow abortions, but it has medical rules how to save a woman life in case of a bad pregnancy that risk her life.... OMG!!! people here in israel has to know whats going on, I really believe you believe these people are jews but no they are not jews and they are lying about judaism is the new blood lible wooow sickening and satanic wooow u people could be so good but your wife has serious neo nazi pro ukrainian issues tell her how it is, people are watching and 1.2 billion white people are not victims but can be self destructive obviously we see that now.

  • Is this not proof of insanity???

  • In Australia government has created bubble zones around baby killing mills so that no one can stand outside and council women out of abortion to save the woman and baby from a life of regret and severe depression and poor mental health.

  • This 'naturalisic' ideology is getting out of hand. Yes it's neat, but try living out there for a week. Its fun to look at now, but after starving for a month you'll crawl back to the city to your apartment. Watch some episodes of 'Alive' in the wild, then come back to reality.

  • " the creator intended. Gods, God, call it whatever you want, doesn't matter." Except it always HAS mattered and always WILL matter, even if it doesnt matter to you or me. The mentions of God or Gods, without a clear foundation in theology, seems to imp!y the lack of theological understanding is meant to be more virtuous, which is weird, but certainly not new.

  • I agree, if people want to kill their babies, let them. Laws are no longer going to solve anything.

  • I get paid over 190$ per hour working from home with 2 kids at home. I never thought I'd be able to do it but my best friend earns over 10k a month doing this and she convinced me to try. The potential with this is endless. Heres what I've been doing.. HERE====)>

  • Republicans are such a joke. The party that constantly fights for 2nd amendment rights and the ability to abort full grown adults with memories and lives, and the party that promotes all the military propaganda aborting entire nations, now has a problem with some women defending their bodies??? lolol. As we also argue our body our choice for vaccines. God literally coded irony into every level of this.

    Trump as the "pro life" president literally running on campaign speeches "bomb the oil take the oil, bomb the oil take the oil.", "I'd bomb the shit out them" etc etc etc lololol. Pro life make sure to deliver your unborn babies so we can send them to war or shoot them with our 2A rights! Joke ass political party. Can't even defend the election system as they all get medically experimented on. Sheep no more because you are all lab rats.

    Republicans should just pack it up and go home. Liberals are clearly mentally ill, but they are at least smart enough to know it. Republicans are equally mentally ill but somehow they operate on a daily basis without realizing it thinking they are sane logical people.

    How about Republican platform and all Christians support abortion, dumbasses. Jesus raised Laz from the dead. if a woman aborts a child God really wants, Jesus can just resurrect the baby. Also God can perform immaculate conception which leads to virgin births, so if a woman aborts all her kids, but God really wants her to have a child, then he can just create a new child inside of her whether she likes it or not. Most people choose not to have an abortion anyways.

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