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On The Brink, Major Global Conflict Coming - FF Ep159
Mar 12, 2022

Red Ice TV

Alternative Media // Independent, Identitarian, Pro-European. 100% independent, funded by our...



Mark Collett guest-hosts with Henrik as we focus on the escalation of the conflict in Ukraine.

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  • Keep telling yourself they aren't shills for the jews no matter how many jew propaganda narratives they shove down your throats...

  • Putin is not the Big Bad Wolf and Ukraine is not Mary had a little lamb. This war could have avoided is Dirty Joe Biden, all he had to do was jump in air force one, go meet with Putin. Dirty Joe couldn't do that because he needed to have something to divert the stupid sheep away from the trashing of our country in the past 14 months. When things don't well at home, look to war. Always worked in the past, Working now with the news media going pro war 100% If we aren't careful Putin will use his NUK's. I really think the war mongers and deep state want a Nuclear war where you and I die.

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  • Smoking ban in restaurants is totally lame. If restaurants want to ban it, it is up to them. People who support a blanket ban are total pussies. I don't even smoke.

  • Red Ice is indeed "Red". I've never heard such a biased report.

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