'Slavery Caused Global Warming' - Painful Reach
Feb 22, 2021

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A meteorology professor from Penn State University claims that the origin of global warming AKA 'climate change' is Slavery TM.

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  • I’m a black woman and I’m so sick of this slavery bullshit!!! The scary thing is many people have fallen for this crap!

  • Shit skin didn’t mention once how Africans are polluting the sea with their garbage and there are mountains of garbage all over Africa waiting to be dumped in the sea. When the sea dies, we die and it is not because of White people. Slaves picked cotton and fruit, I’d hardly call them builders of anything other than victim hood lies. Look at Haiti after they killed all the White people, it’s a garbage dump and a really awful ocean polluter of the Caribbean. Ruining the Ocean is going to heat this planet like a cooked egg on a hot grill. Cyanobacteria provide us with more O2 than trees and breakdowns CO2. The shit skin is obviously lacking in IQ and is very envious towards White people.

  • The so-called leaders are who created Slavery and they are playing GOD with their military weather manipulation and project blue beam

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