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The Cabal's Catastrophic 'Carbon Capture' Campaign
Dec 08, 2021

Red Ice TV

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Henrik details how the latest insane climate agenda by Bill Gates, Al Gore and other globalists to capture carbon out of the atmosphere by using 'direct air capture' and how this will help to usher in a post human world. Their 'Great Reset' is our certain death unless we see a Greater Reject.

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  • It is China fool.

  • We should military martial law all those globalists into prison and claim back all our trillions off these Parasites

  • You think he's getting revenge for that pie he got splatted in the face all those years ago

  • Bill Kermit gates

  • There's a cheap.carbon capture device available for free just collect a seed off a tree plant it and your carbon neutral you don't need artificial intelligence to tell you that Al

  • Honestly we should be considering ways to produce more carbon to counteract the agenda. Ideally from terrestrial sources, and not the ocean. I think roasting limestone and of course burning as much coal and oil as possible are solid practices to ensure a food supply. If they do spike the atmosphere like Gates has been threatening, and block out the sun, God help us.

  • He is intent on killing off 95% of the population. That is their stated goal. Because they fear us for what they are going to do to us.

  • He sold out to Globalist years ago

  • Lol they can't even pave roads properly 🤣

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