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The Elites Are Making Their Move - Part 1
Sep 13, 2021

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Watch Part 2 of the show here:

Henrik cover some important developments in this special Sunday live stream.

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  • In response to the quoted "CCP" spy: She is so hell bent on reasons why gen pop should be forced to vaccinate and be in a data base versus carrying paper ID... Blah, Blah... One question... How is she on the fact that both the White House and Pfizer did not mandate any employees to vaccinate. Enough said. It speaks volumes. Why do people have to show us who they are or what is really happening 10 times before you believe them?

  • The Elite are the same that attacked and tried to impeach Trump .The entire impeachment effort including witnesses were Jews. Global Zionist Jews and some ultra rich Gentiles or unproclaimed Jews are forcing us into the NWO. The Protocols of Zion are being followed by the Jews to the letter. THE Jews wrote the Protocols. They are the NWO. THE BIBLE says they will rebuild the Temple and they say their King will rule the world and that will be from Jerusalem at the Temple. A big attack on Israel is coming and the Antichrist my thoughts are Obama will set in the Temple showing himself as he were God. It fits him to the T. Also Daniel 9 :37 fits him.

  • Y'all should check out Sir Patrick Mack at IPOY1776. POP part 1&2 are available, and it will open up your rabbit hole to see more better 👍 Viva Cristo Rey 💪🙏

  • Maybe it’s photoshopped in ⁉️

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