Oct 30, 2021

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They want to make White single family home neighborhoods a thing of the past using claims of racism and climate change. And what will replace it? High-rise pod living for the new diverse America where White nuclear families don't exist.

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  • There are plenty of single family homes and they don't all have to be white. I don't get the point of this video!

  • They've told us for years what they are planning. I hope the young families fight against this anti-white racism. Levittown was a simple, cheap way for people to escape the city. Never trust the Leftists, no matter how good they make it sound.

  • That European vibe and beauty she professes to enjoy is due to density and diverse neighborhoods. 🙄

    I support the efforts to use immigration to replace these alarmist outrage-grifters.

  • From Toronto. Here in Toronto our MSM COMMIE GLOBALIST MEDIA WHORES luv this Garland PUKE of a REPTILE. But don't confront them about it because they are COWARDS. Sorry I can't listen to these MFERs anymore.

  • In Colorado, they've already started forcing the suburb rental owners to accept government paid renters. We've been in the same neighborhood for 20 years, no crime, no issues. It's been hell in the last years of "integration. " Crime is up 100%. We are not white, but we worked our ass off to live in peace!!!

  • Everybody wants to be us, after they destroy us.

  • Anything they can do to destroy the very Nation that allowed them power! It’s the result of all of us allowing evil to exist in the name of diversity! NOT COLOR!!

  • I live in a single family housing area just outside a Texas town. My area was built when Obama was giving out 'FREE' $8,000 to all first time home buyers. The result? A money grab by people that had no business buying a home. Banks forced to give these people loans. Then the predictable happened...these people had to submit for bankruptcy and move back to the city and into an apartment where they came from. Who bought the homes? Investors like BlackRock. So now we have an 11 year old single family housing area where there are as many people renting as owning. Was this planned / predicted? It would not surprise me. Either way, the neighborhood has taken a turn for the worse.

  • The mortgage crisis in 08" was caused by giving people loans who didn't deserve them and with no equity needed they simply walked away. The origins of that debacle can be traced to none other than Barack Obama and ACORN when they sued and Clinton started the program to get black people mortgages and the whole sub prime mortgage industry was created. I just got a new cell phone number recently. Apparently it was previously used by a woman named Ebony. Ten time a day there are messages and texts offering mortgage assistance and school loan forgiveness. Of course they want to get rid of mortgages, black people don't pay them. I worked selling autos to get by few several years, and almost none, even with excellent jobs had a descent history of paying their bills. It's not racist, just the facts. We're being made the scapegoat again.

  • Hey lady, if you're having a guest, quit talking!!! WTF

  • It's amazing - you people can't get through a single day without something to be terrified of.

  • The government is doing thier best to start a CIVIL WAR, as thier master BAPHOMET has demanded of them as they are ALL shit eating demon worshippers bought with SOROS dirty money. AS YAHWEH HAS FORETOLD, THEY WILL SOON BE WIPED FROM THE FACE OF THE EARTH AS THOUGH THEY HAD NEVER EXISTED. YAHWEH COME QUICKLY!!!!!!!

  • You have to earn a regular and sufficient salary to get a mortgage . We had all this in 2008 and that led to severe problems.

  • I visited Russia several years ago. traveling through the countryside ,which is very pretty, you would come across high rise flats just plonked in the countryside. Totally out of place and a blemish on the countryside. The outskirts of towns have shabby Soviet era high rise flats. This is so in other Eastern Europeans countries that the Soviets desecrated and bled dry. In the 1960s in Britain the socialist governments of Wilson built soviet style high rise flats ,demolishing the small houses built in the Victorian and Edwardian era. These flats quickly deteriorated into criminal hell holes and many were destroyed in the 1990s as being past redemption. But now there are plans to built more as the numbers of third world immigration builds up to massive levels .

  • Malgenics- White Genocide incentivized. Malgenics a jewish tool of equality between White Europeans and turdworld alien proxies. Scott Roberts explains jewish role of elevating turdworlders while White Europeans pay for their own dispossession. Malgenics The natural racial European allele frequency would tend to favour those who were both intelligent and strong/rebellious. Following the Jewish victory in Europe the frequency of those traits have considerably reduced. Through the practice of malgenics, the complete opposite of eugenics, Jewish ‘science’ is promoting the mating of horribly dysfunctional people. This is selectively killing off anyone who they believe might possess the intelligence and strength to resist Jewish tyranny. The social aspect of malgenics works in direct opposition to meritocracy by subjugating the strong and capable, while promoting the weak and dysfunctional. Scott brings forth the idea of incentivized malgenics as a key force behind White disenfranchisement, and we consider the hurdles intellects must overcome in waking up to the paradoxical narrative of DIEversity. Then, Scott gets into the top-down control of everything from the media to militia that keeps altruistic Whites from understanding the extent of the manipulation they have been groomed to do the bidding for. At the end, we explore different angles for spreading the message of European preservation. backup

  • Obama planned to destroy neighborhoods with "single family homes" because he believed having your own home is racist.
    My friend came back from Germany recently and said more people than ever there LIVE IN RENT in apartment buildings.
    It would seem Europe discourages owning a personal car and owning your own home.

  • im white and i look like Jesus

  • Merrick (Garfinkel) Garland is 'Other White' (kosher, like Zuckerberg), NOT WHITE (like Trump), so we don't want kosher people lecturing WHITE people !!! People should learn to 'Act WHITE': Avoid Drugs, Finish School, Work Hard, Help Family, instead of 'Act BLM': Crime, Drugs, Gangs, Nudity, Profanity, Violence ... We, The WHITE People, just have a better system than the Diverse (Non-WHITE) and Woke (Anti-WHITE) peoples, so they should switch to our system, not vice versa !!!

  • Actually, I would go the other way: WHITE-only neighborhoods, cities, counties, states, and countries !!!

    Orania didn't ask permission ... They just started building a great town !!! WHITE-ONLY COUNTIES ALREADY EXIST IN AMERICA, great places to live, considering most of our 3,141 counties have 0/year homicides, whereas the country has ~32k/year homicides out of 308M citizens, or ~10/100k/year nationwide homicides, which is the situation of Orania (EXTREMELY SAFE) in SOUTH AFRICA (EXTREMELY DANGEROUS) ... You could make a very strong case based on homicide rates alone for the formalization of WHITE-Only Cities, Counties, States, and Countries !!!

    America is ~84% WHITE, who commit <2% of homicides, and ~11% BLM (Not Asian, Latino, Or WHITE), who commit ~83% of homicides, which makes THE BLM HOMICIDE RATE ~500X THE WHITE HOMICIDE RATE, and still rising since the 2020 BLM George Floyd Race Riots ... ponder that ... Chicago has ~500k BLM of ~2.5M population, and BLM there will probably kill >700 people this year out of >800 homicides, with most of the rest being Latinos, whereas there may be ~400 HOMICIDES COMMITTED BY WHITES IN THE WHOLE COUNTRY out of ~260M WHITE citizens !!! Homicide tracks Diversity (Non-WHITE-Ness) ~0.98 ... the bottom line ...

    @a @LaurenBoebert @LaurenWitzkeDE @Mattgaetz @RandPaul @realdonaldtrump @RealMarjorieGreene @VDARE

  • this world is crazy i'am white have been abused bye this corupt system. are goverment is evil they don't care about any race dumb asses

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