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The Sick Anti-White Cult Of Guilt, Shame And Groveling
May 29, 2021

Red Ice TV

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Excerpt from Weekend Warrior episode 186. Watch the show here:

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  • Man oh man! What a sad bunch. After they're done chanting non-sense apologies, the next step in their penance for their "white guilt", will be a round of koolaids.

  • She could just keep painting herself black.

  • Red Ice is the best! That lady praying is a nut bag of gibberish with a few half truths made into lies, nothing Christian here. Quick someone rescue the mic. These people need cult deprogramming.

  • 01:41 - You are not white. You are a rug lapping dyke with a clinical psychiatric problem. You should be locked up in a state mental facility.

  • "Over 50% of liberal white women have a mental health issue". The mental health issue? Liberalism.

  • This is what happens when you watch too much @CNN and @MSNBC.

  • I'm liking this channel more and more.

  • Here's a thought... All the nasty things White People did to Black People, enumerated in that church prayer group[a Leftist Honor Roll of sorts?], have been eliminated or substantially reduced and the America we have today is the result. *

    1. White Fragility is the result of all the laws and social pressures that result in White people being cancelled--like a White Woman being cancelled for calling the police on a Black Man in Central Park due to fear for her life. White People are petrified to have any discussion of race out of fear of being called 'Racist' and being cancelled.
    2. It only seems like a war on 'Whites'. Actually it's a war on White Men. Everything the Left does is geared to having a negative effect on White Men because when White Men are reduced and impotent then the Globalists win. and the Basic Masochism of the White Left will be satisfied.---Boomer shame and guilt will have caused the fall of America and is collateral damage from the Vietnam war. [a] White Men have always been the glue that holds America together. [b] America is the glue that holds western Civilization together. [c] Western Civilization is the glue that holds World Civilization together. Destroy the American White Male and you can destroy World Civilization?
    3. The Left is going crazy trying to lift Blacks out of their [self] hate and so have decided to make White People Black??
    4. If ever there was a poisonous ideology in the world it is Social Justice Theory and at its foundation is suicide. It's worse than Nazism because the Nazis didn't deal in self-hate but glorification of [some] White People.
    5. The Boomers have to be the most destructive generation in world history?
  • These whites are complete fools. I think we can all rest assured that the arabs aren't in their mosques apologizing to the millions of blacks they have taken out of Africa and castrated along the way. And the muslims (saracens) are not apologizing to the descendants of the millions of white Europeans that they kidnapped from Europe for hundreds of years to make them into galley slaves and sex slaves all over North Africa and the Middle East.

  • By betraying the God and faith that built your nation, you will be dashed to the ground and made into slaves of men.

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