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These Jewish Women Are Very Concerned About Traditional (White) Mothers
Dec 10, 2021

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Why is it always like this?

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  • a culture of hateful self loathing tribalists.

  • Look at the art on the walls of Jewish harpy on the right.

  • This is an awesome video, love,love, love the little angels at the end!

  • Has anyone ever seen a really attractive Jewish female? Yeah, me neither.

  • Very Concerned (lol!)

  • Jealousy is the worst feeling in women.... And the 3 uglies are full of it....

  • Glad to see the world waking up to the fact that jews are literally demonic parasites.

  • Apparently the Jewish men are very unhappy with the Jewish women of our times. The men say they are abusive and controlling and completely out of control. Jewish men wont have anything to do with them because the women entrap, enslave and heap abuse on them through the courts - much like the West i suppose, only worse.

    I know a lot of the world is getting upset with the Jews and some even calling for all out Nazi style destruction of them. Thats absurd. But maybe its time the West began to look at what is happening within Israel that makes it 'no longer Israel', and consider refraining from them and support of them, till they sort out their many evil bullshit practices that make it an abomination to the God we believed they once served.

  • And we are very concerned about what the jewish entity has done in the past and the genocide they want to commit on the non jews in the end.

  • I love your narration! So true!

  • We are being pushed closer everyday to the multicultural dystopia portrayed in the great novel “Fateful Destiny: An Epic Struggle to Change the Course of American History”. Highly recommended:

  • Laura Southern has biracial children and married to a no white man by the way her real name is Lauren Simonsen, is a Jew, wrong choice for their narrative,,, manufactured control opposition,,look👉🏻👉🏻

  • Ugly bitches inside and out.

  • What's the channel for these demons? It needs raiding

  • Jews are degenerates. It's their intent to destroy the Goyim and rule them. Those women aren't even Jews. The Jewish Encyclopedia states that as much as 90To 93% of people claiming to be Jews are not. Mitochondrial DNA proves that assertion.

  • Didn't Lauren Southern become a mudshark

  • More than "Angry Jewish women" I see "Angry, childless (or one child), leftist, overweight, menopausal women".

  • Yah bless you for exposing Satan at work

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