Jan 05, 2022

Red Ice TV

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Imagine when you are told that you have to have this upgrade in order to get that job, rent that apartment or that this is the only way for you to validate the latest update of the Digital Covid ID. Sir, we're going to need a "brain to computer to brain handshake" validation from you.

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  • What would long-term Electro Signals through your blood circuit to match clicks do to your bodies natural senses? Rapidly acquire high electro sensitivity adapting wild-type cells, depending on genes ultimately attain higher electro sensitivity that of a shark & loss of gene function👍🦈

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  • I've been able to stream the vision of other's connected on the network. They forced us to be part of some experiment and yes you can read thoughts of others connected. Streaming their vision and audio is also possible but it's harder.

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