‘Truth Social,’ Facebook’s ‘Virtual Metaverse,’ Refugee Rape, Covid Bots - FF Ep143
Oct 23, 2021

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Henrik and Lana covers the latest news in episode 143 of Flashback Friday.

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  • what the hell is Levine swearing upon, a Denny's Menu?

  • Its not about "fuk white people".

    Its about "Fuk Euro/Judaeo/Christian law". This is the anti-christ attack on christian culture prophesied in scripture.

  • Gwaaak. Couldnt stand Next Gen Star Trek.

    Old school James T, baby!

    Simple. Do i wanna eat organic or GMO....

    Scary poo tho.

    I wont even update my Win 8.1 cuz im certain they will infiltrate my membrane barrier from my anus if i drop the soap.

  • Wow, your comments about this producer, or whatever lady, that did the pedo scene... I grew up on the street in the heart of Toronto, Yonge and Dundas shining shoes as a 10 year old kid. Be there all night. Was never molested. Too fast. Too sharp mouthed. Grace of God. One of the kids was abducted, sodomized and killed - Emanuel Jacques. Another, who was a close friend from my hood was adopted into that very scene, i found out years later. I remember the place Minskies Casino Burlesque. I worked outside it, Amazing. That i slipped through alive.

    Jacques was killed by people posing as a news interview crew. They lured him into an interview after i did an interview with channel 11. The killers saw my interview and got the idea to come get me. Got him instead.

    Grace of God.

  • What the fuk happened to you while you were out in the desert!!!

    Windows XP reboot.

  • Hahaha!!! You guys are funnier than i remember lmao!

    Hang on Joe!!! Hang on!!!

  • I had a friend once. Yes only once.

    He used to say to me, "Why dont you get a gun and blow yur brains out?".

    I have no idea where this comment came from. Not like i forgot; I dont think i ever knew.

    80's acid i guess.


    As George would say, "substitute the word fuk, for kill".

    So why dont you just take yur damned Pfizer shot and drop the supplements?!

  • Long time, no see!!!

    Thank you Pfizer!!

  • "MLK is a hero to these 'people'" Yeah, so is Fenty Floyd

  • I hope I live to see them destroyed completely.

  • Garland is the worm squirming to avoid being trodden upon.

  • I used to watch you guys all the time before you got banned on jewtube. I'm glad to see you here and hope to see you doing more than just a weekly show soon.


  • Truth just sounds like a Gab knock off promoted by Trump and owned by China.

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