Dec 21, 2021

Red Ice TV

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Playing lottery with our future is a great strategy.

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  • OSHA is unconstitutional. Therefore, OSHA has no authority to dictate anything to anyone anywhere. Even if the "supremes" take on any appeal (which they won't), the "supremes" don't dictate the "law of the land". That is an absolute FALSEHOOD. The only thing the "supremes" can "rule" upon is the fact pattern at hand and the parties to the actual lawsuit. The ruling applies ONLY to the parties involved in the particular lawsuit. It is NOT the "law of the land". That is a LIE.

  • And I mandate that Let's Go Brandon and the rest kiss my ass.

  • Liberal Judges Will NOT VIOLATE OUR RIGHTS, VACCINES ARE EVERY HUMAN BEINGS AUTONOMY!!! Its the human beings choice , not a judges!!!

  • The same mandates the congress has been exempted from, good luck with compliance!

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