Jun 23, 2021

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The ideology that rules today is not White supremacy but anti-White supremacy. We do not live in a society that loves and celebrates White people above all else.

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  • LOL. What foolishness. One cannot articulate "white supremacy" without simultaneously acknowledging the supremacy of whites. And white privilege is the privilege whites get to enjoy because of the toil and tears our ancestors spent working so that their progeny would have a better life. No, white privilege IS the privilege WE have made for ourselves and that we make for our CHILDREN. The other races should prostrate themselves before us in thankfulness that we even share this privilege with them. The white man's magnanamousness is his weakness. The white race has been fooled into thinking they are weak and evil. The Saxon has begun to hate.

  • IMO, the basis for Western culture is Death. Pill&Abortion= deny life= impose death= Death is the foundation of Toxic Feminism. There is no difference between the pill&abortion in the sense that the end result is no person. The pill is implicit murder. Abortion is explicit murder. The pill has killed more people by far than abortion.

  • There is a Globalist CABAL that runs America.[see my pinned posts at gab; @pc_PHAGE] President Trump knows, he was boxed in and his family was probably threatened by them. The RINOs like McConnell and Ryan/McCarthy follow the orders of the CABAL. The CABAL is made up of Leftist anti-white White anti-racist Racists and Black Nationalists. Now that the Globalists have overwhelming soft and hard power they may be trying to provoke violence from the White right with their open anti-White racism. The key realizing the Globalist objectives is the destruction of white male patriotism and power. White males on the Left are "race pacified" and guilt-ridden. ['race pacified'--kool...I just made that up, but what does it mean? You figure it out]. White Men have been the glue that holds America together. America is the glue that holds western Civilization together. Western civilization is the glue that holds World Civilization together. Pacify and subject the White American male and the world may unravel. The greatest White Male potential resides in the Russians. They and the East Europeans will be the rump of Western Civilization. * The Left has orchestrated a brilliant bloodless coup[so far]. Because of the internet and the interconnectedness of Americans they were able to do a massive gaslighting operation. This White Supremacy thing is part of it. Because most White Americans have been inculcated with the Guilt passed down by the anti-war Boomers, they are open to manipulation. "White Supremacy" invokes the guilt of 'race pacified' Whites and keeps the hatred of Blacks at a high level. Whites on the right 👉 are the designated recipients of the label and when they finally have had enough the label will be ready to be applied. They will be the terrorists that the government has been warning the nation about. They are the ones that are being dehumanized in preparation for the coming battles. They and theirs will be the victimes of massive government atrocities. I imagine all this will begin after the DEMs steal the 2022 elections. * White fragility is has a basis of truth. It is fear 😱 of being canceled, losing one's livlihood and all the things that can be done to the individual if the Left thinks he blasphems. If one does a linear projection, then the ultimate outcome of the Left's actions is an establishment of an Apartheid State along the lines of the former South African Boer regime. However, the role of white and black will be reversed. The Afrikaners were only 20%[?] of the population but held the rest in thrall. The Blacks and White Leftists could do the same. What the role of the other non-whites will be escapes me. The Mexicans will eventually get back California all the way to Texas. The first thing they do will be to tear down the ALAMO?

  • If you were "banned" by Wells Fargo, they did you a favor! (Wells Fargo is possibly the worst bank in the world.)

  • Well the groups exist but they only make up about .01% of the population but I think White Supremacy is what built this nation and not the 'hate the jews(yet still worship jesus) because that Charlie Chaplin sycophant wanted us to,White Supremacy' I mean the 'get shit done,rule the day' type of White Supremacy

  • False. White supremacy is a truth. Those who deny it are dumbasses. Unless of course you're going with the other truth of there being no races but rather species.

  • Saying it doesn't exist is a stretch, But the general aspect of it yes does not exist since it's not prevalent or a serious issue. But the Lefts propaganda and narrative that has flood Legacy MSM and Legacy Social Media platforms will say otherwise and lie about it!

  • Why do conservatives always have to lie in their talking points? Obviously there are people who subscribe to white supremacy. Not a lot of course, but who are you even making this video for? Who's mind is this supposed to change? You're just a talking head feeding boomers their "left is the REAL RACISS!" medicine.

  • Hell yes, Red Ice. You gays took a brave turn in 2014. Yes I said gays. Take the English word for "happy people" back from the communist degenerates. Mae g'ovannen, mellons. (Elvish for "well met, friends").

  • well yeh no wonder that white supremacy is not exist its an excuse to make the america engaged in the fake crisis and this is made by the global mafia for sure death to global mafia

  • White privilege does not exist. Western culture is anti-White, anti-men, anti-Christian and anti-America. We must oppose Critical race theory.

  • And everyone speaking these words are Old White men and I am a white person with Cuban American and a couple of Black American and Mixed Children in our family and guess what we are all laughing our As#es off at the morons in DC and we all know we have a leadership problem and starting at the UN has created the world's disasters and see them as they truly are DC is where the Racism Lies and leading the way are the money changers

  • I Love Her ! ...... God Bless !

  • Makes me want to become a member of those groups against the BLM. I dont want to belong to any group that is racist against whites'

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