Aug 28, 2021

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Henrik and Lana cover some the latest news and recent events in episode 135 of Flashback Freya's Day.

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  • There was a story floating around that some of these injection companies shipped saline out for a while to reduce the number of deaths and disabling of people.

    The birth rate was already way to low, most of you folks should have 3-4 kids but you probably do not. The only solution is go find a home somewhere out of the city, raise your food and have lots of beautiful kids. Grow your own food as much as possible. Take back control of your school boards. Anything else is just talking about the problem your unwilling to fix.

  • That's really the least of our concerns. The Cabal is preparing to genocide all of us. It won't matter because we'll all be DEAD. Hello.

  • Every year, every flu season the public will be subjected to nothing but wall to wall fear porn about some dumb disease. Who cares? Life is dangerous, it always has been. Our dumb leaders think they can protect everyone from all dangers, this is what they actually believe, they are of course completely insane and should never be obeyed or that would make you an idiot if you did. We have to ignore them and get rid of them ASAP or they will get us all killed, they are incompetent. I know this is all contrived and they themselves are following the UN agenda but most of them actually believe the garbage they are told by their controllers, that's why they were picked for office. Just look at those Australian politicians, they are not regular people they are societal rejects placed in positions of power I mean, what could go wrong?

  • Love RedIce thanks for your work.

  • That would be wonderful news actually. I hope they're rendered infertile because they're too stupid to breed. It would be the best thing possible for these fucking sewer mutants with altered DNA to not be fertile. We have nothing to be sorry about either because they were warned and decided it was more worth it for them to keep their 8 dollar a hour job at McDonalds while they scoff at you and me on about how we should be walled for not submitting like they did. I really hope their little vax card that gives them special privleges to work and get grocerys at the store gets used against them by being the ID card which puts them first in line at the concentration camp. They should be put into a camp quietly for having a vax id and be made to shovel little stone pebbles from one end of the barb wire fence to the other for 40 hours a week. That should be the only thing they're allowed to do. They should be monitored under constant surveillance even while they're sleeping and using the bathroom just in case they try to enjoy themselves by masturbating. If they're caught masturbating they should be punished by castration or execution in front of all the other prisoners. If they even try to play a game of tic tac toe in the dirt they should have a broom stick shoved up their ass. For the rest of their life all they can do is shovel pebbles back and forth in their little white jump suits with bald heads while they get sprayed with fire hoses in the winter. I hate these commie kikes so much I would tie them to the bottom of a swimming pool, fill it up to their necks with water, and then charge admission fees to spit, piss, and shit in it until they drown. That's how you make Matzo Ball Soup in America. Wait until we show you Mitzvah you dirty little rat fucking Jew. 213124452452

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