Mar 08, 2022

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Zelensky is a NATO puppet that's why he made 'mistakes.' Watch the latest full Weekend Warrior show here:

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  • Actually, it was not just shelling (#3), there was a 60,000men invasion army all armed up with western weapons assembled at the 2 republics border. Which are now in a cauldron, and will be destroyed if Zelenski does not sit down & talk sensibly. But he does not care, not his tribe.

  • Russia is facing a demographic crisis--depopulation. This is caused in part by the Pill & Abortion. These technologies can destroy a country's ability to defend itself. Not enough children means not enough future for a society. ** Russia needs a bigger pool of people to draw cannon fodder from. In WWII the Soviets suffered 6.75 million military casualties. Russia couldn't absorb such horrendous casualties now. Thus Ukraine and Belarus are vital for the future health and well being of Russia. They would increase the economic and military potential of the Russian State. IMO, the 21st century will be more violent than the 20th. Democracy will disappear. There will be none to rally to its cause as in the 20th century. Billions will die in the 21st instead of 100's of millions as in the 20th. Russia is in a bad neighborhood and needs to be strong to survive.

  • God bless and keep the Russian Thug. Putin is the last and most powerful anti-Globalist still in power. Globalists have been after him for years. Trump's election was a Black Swan event for the US Globalist Deep-State. The Trump Dossier was also aimed at Putin by tying him & Russia to Trump. The daily hate for Trump also rubbed off onto Putin. The Globalists wanted to create a reservoir of hatred for Putin to be used at the proper time. The Globalists have almost destroyed the USA and the EU is next when the Muslims get strong enough. They don't care about how hard they push Russia because they want to destroy everything anyway. If Russia can stay strong, then when chaos engulfs the EU it may be able to form a rump European Christian enclave with the East Europeans that would give those fighting Muslims hope. This might screw up the Globalist's NWO implementation. This is why they hate Putin.

  • “Everything you’ve ever been taught about history, has been a lie:everything you thought was myth, legend & fairy tales; it is that which is the truth”… Prince Nicholas Devere RIP (Suicided)..!

    ‘Nukes’ don’t exist… just like all the other lies; ‘Dinosaurs’, ‘Man on the Moon’, ‘ISS’, ‘Mars Missions etc etc etc’, ‘9/11’, ‘Coronavirus’, ‘Global Warming’, Ice Age’… ‘Jesus Christ’… the list is endless… “Belief is the Enemy of Knowing”..!

  • What kind of communist bull crap is this? Never expected communists would post a video on GAB! 🤦

  • Kremlin propaganda? Try educating yourself on the truth other than regurgitating MSM lies and the Globalist agenda. ABOUT DONBAS REGION AUTONOMY : "The two Donbas provinces of Donetsk and Luhansk have had de facto autonomy from Kiev for a long time. Going back to czarist times, Donbas has always been a largely autonomous region that socially, politically and economically speaking did not entirely adapt to any central ruling power." You are like so many blinded by ignorance and a refusal to do any research for yourself in trying to assess what the truth is and you immediately cry "kremlin propaganda". Just based on your response to this article of 'what a bullshit" kind of reveals ignorance on all levels. For 8 years Ukraine has carried out military operations against the Donbas region and for 8 years Putin had attempted to work out a peace accord but Ukraine refused. Zelensky is a clown and a puppet. Look to Biden and his pervert lecherous son Hunter in being complicit in their dealings with Ukraine and what is now taking place there has a lot to do with Biden and NATO and the Globalist agenda.

  • what a bullshit !!! straight away from Kremlin propaganda !!!

    • The fact that Putin twice invaded Ukraine - proves that Zelensky was absolutely right about NATO.
    • Russian propaganda uses NATO as excuse of invasion, but this would happen anyway just later, because of Putin's "historical fleas" and his obsession to restore some kind of Empire.
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