Jun 09, 2021


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  • they will never allow fair elections

  • isnt it too late? everything was deleted and all

  • "Audit" is a term that is very broad. Recounts are NOT audit. A true audit is VERY thorough and its purpose is to out error and fraud. A "forensic" audit is also not well defined yet. As far as I can tell one of the most thorough "forensic audits" if not THE most "thorough" is the AZ Audit. However, any audit that doesn't thoroughly vet the machines and their use including s/w is deficient IMO.

  • Look I think the election was stolen from Trump but if you think California of all places went Red then you are either very naïve or extremely stupid.

  • Does Montana look like pedo joe sniffing Idaho? Asking for a friend.

  • Once we prove that Trump won which should be absolutely easy I mean my course it's easy in the yard and only one really but My next they would be is what happens to the Harris and Biden thing that we got going on now I mean can we hang them for treason or least lock him up somewhere and just not ever feed them And I seen where Facebook and Twitter drop their tracking technology it's because the people's uncovered what they did I go on Facebook well when I was loud on there many years ago I say fuck the Jews little red flag comes up but then later they got face recognition mean I say something reply goes up it's already scanned my face for recognition They can literally use it to determine who you going to vote for or at least tags your name

  • You'd think with all the allegations, the democrats would welcome these audits to "prove" Biden won. But, nahh...

  • We are seeing a hostile takeover of America by democrat terrorists and their master plan is horiffic Look at this ASAP!!! visit Https://bit.Ly/3pKk2QI

  • Great stuff, Zach. Shared everywhere! Keep up the great work. We are winning!

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