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El Paso County, Colorado Catch - 22 Audit and Case Update with Peter Lupia
Sep 02, 2022


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Peter Lupia joins me once again to provide another update on the ever winding story that is the El Paso County Audit. The odds seemed stacked against the candidates but that won’t stop them from taking this all the way to SCOTUS. The future of our elections and Colorado in particular, may depend on it…

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  • Colorado is extremely corrupt. Though I do like most of the PollyAnnas that comprise the "Republican Patriot" group and their candidates, they will always lose because they are a bunch of bow-tie wearing, chocolate candy selling club members that simply do not realize and will never admit to themselves that standing in a line singing choir songs cannot win against blood-thirsty, communist guerilla fighters that have been placed in very powerful positions. Such Glee Club members will state that the Estonians who engaged in THE SINGING REVOLUTION did eventually win, a historical fact, but are not willing to acknowledge that millions were murdered by the Communists for decades while the Estonians "sang". Had the founding fathers of the USA conducted themselves as our PollyAnna candidates do today, there would have never been a USA, a Constitution, Declaration of Independence, etc. 250 Years ago, the founders of this country knew that ringing the doorbells, offering homemade cookies and saying "Please" to Tyrants was a complete and total waste of time (just like spending millions to pay lawyers to go to court against Tyrants and Tyrannical Judges who rumble along never worried about their own lives because they know that population are nothing but cowards and no one is going to assassinate them). Numerous people who are filled with rage (Colorado residents) have told me that if they are ever approached by any person in a position of authority, they will consider it an attack on their person by a Communist and fire without hesitation. AWESOME ! A few thoudans cases of that happening combined with several hundred Communist politicians being drug out of their homes in the middle of the night and exterminated is exactly what will need to happen in order for our country to become a Republic once again. It does not matter what laws are on the "books" when the government laughs at the people and refuses to abide by those laws.

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