May 02, 2022


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The Ministry of Truth kicked their efforts into gear over the weekend to establish the next great election theft.

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  • bill gates says that. hitler said that jews said that ,and so on and so on.what is the matter with what individuals say? in democracy no matter what others say ,and even what others want to choose and pass as law so we follow it.that all does not matter.if we follow all that it is our fault.these are narratives and create the impression of that we have to follow them. but in reality we have all the democratic rights not only not to follow them and do as we are told,but we have the right to completely oppose even laws that have been voted.our MPs the political system when they pass a <>its merely a proposal towards us if we accept it or not. thats how democracy works,its up to the people of what we choose. in oligarchy and technocracy is the exact opposite where the specialists choose for us what to do and we must follow.but that is not democracy. democracy and technocracy are two opposite definitions,and it is up to us the people do we really want to have democracy and be involved with all the decisions of the state we belong to a municipality level and on? or de we want to have a technocracy where the elites <>technocrats chooses for us what they thing is better depending on their interests is better?what system we have now can you guess? so im sorry but videos like this that <> to <>but actually present that whatever bill gates says or CDC says,or the congress votes we have to hear it and follow it because it is important and <>,they to play in the game of the sheep,where the sheep have to hear to the shepherd even if he leads them to slaughter.with love from Greece! choose now we want real democracy when each individual citizen has a say in pubic matters.or technocracy witch is the system we have no where a centralized type of government chooses and votes unethical and unjustified <>of what is better for us without us the people having a say on such decisions ? n democracy the officials are us the people and democracy can work only as a DECENTRALISED governance system.thats why it is opposite to the centralised technocracy with the specialists from the centralised government. and also when we talk about decentralised democracy we need to know very well that big overpopulated cities are technocratic strongholds.and very easy to control from a centralised governance system. so my fellow Americans it is the time to choose,you had for many years the best implementation of decentralised democracy with the each state has its own government. bust as you see this is coming to an end.the central government we saw at covid gathered many have to resist!

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  • Hitler was not Jewish. Don't listen to fear propaganda, just shut off your computer or phone if you feel any tension. Don't let them get to you, it's all lies and propaganda to make you afraid.

  • God bless RedPill78..



  • you are so wright there if it was not 4 us..respect WWG1WGA..

  • So Zack is the email between Tucker and Hunter showing what Bud's they were fake, or real? Honest question. I'm just wanting the Truth and nothing else. I've seen too many emails between the two showing that their families were very close.

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