May 09, 2022


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This is my full review of 2000 Mules, it’s an easy summation of the most important pieces of evidence contained in the film and if you have someone who doesn’t have time to watch the whole movie, this will show why our election system is completely broken.

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  • You didn’t see the same video I saw They were stuffing pi,es of ballots in mail boxes

  • Remember folks, It is never the Jews

  • The smoking gun is a video clip...even one, that shows the same person ballots into two boxes, or dropping ballots into the same box more than once. It's not there. Thousands of hours of video, and not even 1 mule caught hauling multiple loads.

    The cell phone tracking is sketchy, but it doesn't prove anything. If it was me, I'd just say I was watching for sketchy crap from other people; prove I wasn't.

    The leftists cheated, but this is not evidence. Stop it, you're embarrassing yourselves.

  • Now what?

  • This is incredible work. If law enforcement is not aggressively pursuing this evidence to obtain convictions they show themselves to be complicit in this bad behavior. Certainly the MSM shows themselves complicit by their nonreporting of this important story.

  • There is no future free and fair election if 2020 stands.

  • Help decertify 2020.

    Contact the GOP Legislatures in the five critical battleground states. 2000 Mules is Smoking Gun Evidence. GET ACTIVE!!!

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