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Threats From Enemies Both Foreign & Domestic with Catherine Englebrecht on Sat. Night Livestream
Jul 31, 2022


Citizen Journalist producing daily news and livestream interviews DELETED FROM YOUTUBE now comfy...



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True The Vote’s Catherine Englebrecht joins us tonight to discuss her life’s work, 2000 Mules and the upcoming revelations soon to be released from their continued investigations into election fraud and more. Tonight at 9pm est!

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  • Software developers also need to be licensed. Currently they are one of the only industries that don't need to be licensed and they are a primary source of abuse. Doctors, lawyers, construction contractors, real estate agents, mortgage brokers, accountants, etc etc etc all have some sort of licensing requirement for their profession.

    If Software developers had a licensing requirements then we would have a mechanism to enforce laws governing cyber infrastructure. They have certifications and different exams for credentials, but there is no State governing mechanism to hold software developers accountable for malfeasance.

  • 4th Amendment is inalienable right, meaning it can't be separated or sold or transferred, etc. Monitoring everyone's cellphones for "patterns of life" needs to be safeguarded against. If people can just buy our location patterns then it can be very dangerous.

    True the Vote appears to have a legal warranted use of the data. They first purchased the cellphone location data for the warranted concern of investigating election integrity. These concerns came from other observations that occurred publicly along with signed affidavit testimonies. The initial acquisition of data was then filtered, and a 2nd warranted search of only the cellphones that met a fraudulent criteria were examined. This then led to a warranted search of the video surveillance footage of the drop boxes.

    This is the appropriate way to use the data, but what about other countries that are buying our data? We need to update our laws that govern data collection and data aggregation. We need to protect against bulk data collection that then singles out certain patterns of life and target individuals with "sphere of orbit operations". Basically, using the location data to make entry into the target's environment for planned operation. Whether it's things like kidnapping, predicting law enforcement patterns of life for trafficking operations, sex cult targeting, deepfake patsy parrallel construction framing setups, etc. Very dangerous to have that type of data.

    Companies like FusionGPS were trying to frame a sitting US President. FusionGPS means aggregating location data. Fusion being the opposite of fission. GPS meaning location. Other companies like SafeGraph collect the same type of data and they are owned by Saudi Intel officers and potential German spy Peter Thiel. Many more companies do this too at different points of the vertical supply chain for that shady industry.

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