Dec 22, 2020


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In today's episode we discuss the clear path that President Trump has for victory, it involves multiple states, state legislatures and in the end, the Senate is the key, and perhaps, Mike Pence.

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  • How did this report turn out to be correct? Nothing happens as you say it. Why


    I begin to kinda lean towards that link's point of view . Seems to me nothing will stop Biden from being the next...sorry, cant say the word. The name of the game is ''deception'' and its been just that from the start and will continu 10 folds ! Trust x,y,z bla bla bla... .

  • I found you! Gab is home to me so WELCOME to gabTV.

  • Whatever the outcome in Jan. there will be riots nationwide which is why my buddies and I are outfitting our AR'S and handguns with these

  • Much better platform than DLive-I can’t stand that!

  • Yeah Buddy!!!

  • @Redpill78 Video looks good everything works as it should. I'm excited to see Gab TV finally up and running. Hope to see much more content here.

  • Nice in theory. More likely this: Americans are smart, they will catch on. See below Democrats are toast in 2022/2024 IF we can get the massive fraud exposed in next 6-18 months. Trump and Giuliani would rather DIE, than let the voter fraud continue. Thy will be done.

    THIS IS PLAN "B" (hoping we don't need it): Here might be the BEST case SCENARIO (thinking long-term):

    1. Biden in White House, but keep Republican Senate.
    2. Massive Democrat fraud exposed (it WILL take 6-12 months).
    3. 2022 Flip House to Republicans.
    4. (IMPEACH Biden?)
    5. 2024 Trump wins White House + Senate + House. Get good stuff done.
    6. New PARTY formed called TRUMPublicans or MAGAmericans. America IS great again. This is all assuming that GOD is still with US.

    Victor Davis Hanson: After 2022, GOP House could impeach Biden

  • Happy we're all finding safe places to be loud patriots! RP you are def a 4-star general in this information war. Thanks for all you do.





  • Looking good! Gab is rocking now!


  • Awsome to see Redpill. Been following you fro some time brother. Keep on keepin it real!

  • Awesome Gab - Now super awesome Gab TV

  • Cool Gab Tv Is finally up.

  • Found you!

  • Glad to see you again!

  • Let's do this!

  • Welcome to GabTv, RedPill!

  • My very first gabTV video, MISSED YOU SO MUCH ever since the mid Oct YT purge, Having trouble here with buffering, I'm clicking the pause button and hope it downloads enough to play smooth after a bit. Thanks so much, @a and Team Gab, we really need this right now. Hope it doesn't get clogged up with cat videos and BS, we need NEWS!

  • It took a bit, but I found you again!

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