May 10, 2022


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Digging into the Pennsylvania Senate race by donor, did Kathy Barnette receive $2 million from Google? The WHO is making a power grab and here’s how to help stop it and was the Tonga volcanic eruption in January, actually a nuclear test?

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  • On the day of the Tonga Blast what was the trade winds or weather patterns like? Were winds from Tonga to say Mexico, Alaska?
    Radio Active Particulates from a blast like that would have ridden the weather patterns like Fukushima Daichi.

  • A) how many total workers are employed by the world economic forum? B) if all of these people were to... meet with accidents causing death? C) when WHO numbers = 0 ; problem solved? asking for a friend

  • There was a video analysis I saw that went frame by frame showing ordinance dropping, the splash, the undersea transit, and then the explosion. Wish I would have kept it - must've been sent through my Telegram channel.

  • It was absolutely a nuclear detonation. Zero doubt. Impossible to have been a volcano eruption.

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