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First Indictment Triggers Mass Awakening - Act of 1871 Biblical 7-27-22
Jul 28, 2022

Freedom Force Battalion

Looking at current events (Q) in the Light of God’s Word. This is the GREAT AWAKENING! See...

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  • At minute 11:40, she claims the cabal will come down on you with everything they got if you expose their election fraud. But how is it Gregg Phillips and Catherine from true the vote are still alive? How was Dinesh D'souza able to produce 2000 mules without being killed like Seth Rich? How is Mike Lindell still alive pushing back against their fraud? I think deepstate is losing. I think engineering would just wipe out all countries and do a Noah Ark Reset if deepstate started to win. Noah repopulated the earth starting with 2 people. Modern technology could easily wipe all countries and engineering could just restart with 10,000 people or whoever is left. If they aren't doing that, I think they probably have evidence deepstate is losing. And if all the people exposing their corruption are still alive, then they are probably fairly powerless.

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