11-Year Old Defends House By Shooting Burglar: “He Cried Like A Little Baby”
Oct 13, 2021

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  • He should have shot the intruder while he was still in the house. Then he would have had valid Self-Defense claim. By shooting him after he left the house, while climbing a fence on the edge of the property, he is now liable for criminal charges himself as the suspect was fleeing and not an imminint danger. I wish it were not so, but, that is the legality of it. Hopefully the county DA won't press charges. But the suspect may anyway.

  • "suspect"

  • This kid has more guts than the average big city leftist woketard!!

  • Who cried like a baby, the Burgler?

  • Cool kid. Really self confident for 11. So he's actually a young man.

  • All good but he's too young to be home alone.

  • absolutely brilliant!

  • Any democrat that steps foot on your property should be promptly put down. They are all a cancer on society.

  • Americans like this brave, young man, Chris, MADE AMERICA GREAT THE FIRST TIME, and we need more like him to MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN ... GOOD SHOOTING, SIR !!!


  • Good man and great uncle.

  • Too bad the kid did not put the trash down for good. Euthanasia is one of the few ways to teach these people a lesson.

  • @DannyD22 You should steal $7 worth of beer in this kid's neighborhood in about 12 years then, you fucking homo.

  • The 2nd amendment gives you a right to join the national guard not personal defense. No civilian should be allowed to own weapons. This kid will grow up to be a cop who shoots people who stole $7 worth of beer. Fuck capitalism and all Republicans. Go to this youtube channel to learn more

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