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5,427% Increase in Deaths Following COVID Shots Revealed By PhD Researchers Analysis of VAERS Data
Oct 23, 2021

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  • The Doctors and Scientists who developed these vaccines knew generally what bad things were going to happen. The Red Chinese released Fauci's virus on purpose in China to give themselves some sort of deniability that what they did was an act-of-war. The vaccines were already bubbling in cauldrons surrounded by cackling mad scientists. Fauci was up on a stage wearing a dunce cap 🧢 with a conductor's wand in his hand. Fauci is an evil man who puts Mengele and Frankenstein to shame. The purpose of the vaccines is not to cure people but to make them sick for US domestic reasons. The frantic rush to vaccinate people has as its aim to make enough people sick over the next 6 months that when the Democrats impose Martial Law and reach for Absolute Power there won't be enough people who will fight to make a difference.

  • "Primum non nocere." Hippocrates "First do no harm." You may also want to consider Isaac Asimov's "Precautionary Principle" !!!

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