Nov 24, 2021

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  • Our new penal colony. Escape from New York.

  • Not legal to vote in a National Election!!!!

  • How the hell can all these non-citizens afford to live in NYC? Since so many who can afford it are actually leaving that communist city, they'll simply GIVE the non-citizens a place to live FREE.

  • Anyone who doubts that the Powers That Be value non-citizen aliens far more than natural-born citizen Whites in America must be brain dead. We have become a stateless people in our own country. Let all the architects of this destruction burn in hell.

  • AH Hahaha, communists rising. ESCAPE FROM NEW YORK.

    • Another step to the "Escape from New York" future that democrats want
  • Everyone how signed the bill should be hung in Times Square. That would send a message.

  • Yeah that's what we need more illegal aliens voting

  • Good while conservatives are focus on winning the next election....dumb idiots

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