Oct 11, 2021

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  • The last thing we need is more diseased, low IQ, non-assimilating ,leech black and brown people.

  • This is how empires/nations die. In the end, they are either physically or psychologically unable to access a threat, and then properly deal with it. What happens to the citizens of the old empire/nation? At best they are subjugated to second class citizen status. At worse they are genocide'd. The old, the sick, males older than 12 are all killed. Males under 12 are castrated and made eunuchs to serve the new peoples. The attractive women and girls? Well, I think you know what happens there. The word: " concubine" comes to mind. All of the history, language, culture and religion of the old empire/nation are erased and replaced. All throughout history this is what has happened to conquered lands. Going down without so much as putting up a fight, some went out whimpering and some went out celebrating their own destruction.

  • How come this punk ass mother fucker wasn't all brave in his country and taking down his pos government. I say fuck you you prick. Come get me. Kapow mf'er!

  • A freaking mexican siding with the enemy


  • Coming to rape rob and pillage…

  • soros mfer cut his head off.

  • Well, isn't that special. You're coming from one of the poorest nations on earth to one of the richest. Let's see who has more fire power, dirt bag.

  • They’re coming to rape rob and plunder……is that’s what he’s saying….hide your women and children…..

  • FUCK OFF we're FULL. No we won't cash your Soros check-take it to the Bank of Israel in Tel Aviv. The USA's sub-retard low IQ useless scum quota has been EXCEEDED for decades now. Proceed immediately west with INVASION force to Sinaloa, where they deal properly with filthy hordes of arrogant loudmouth invaders...

  • He's NOT haitian....

  • uhhhh sorry we're closed and out of room dude uhhhh adios

  • Be careful what you ask for, you marble mouth burr heads.

  • I don't understand what he is ranting about, but ANYONE coming into this country illegally saying they are ready for WAR should be immediately ARRESTED!

  • Can someone translate? Why are they wanting to come into America? Who the f is flying them all over here? And why is this happening.? Can anyone tell me the truth? War? Why? We don't want war.

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