Dec 01, 2021

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  • Unless the notch is severely worn or broken as to compromise the hammer spring, he pulled the trigger, and there is no doubt about it. The revolver needs to be inspected by a gunsmith.

  • The rule is that if anyone is involved with a loaded weapon, prop or not? All involved check the weapon, including the director. No one person is to blame. All that were on set are.

  • That's why they push for gun control they actually do think its the guns making people do all the bad stuff

  • "I didn't pull the trigger" OKaaaaaayyyyyy..... Who did?

  • Well then who the fuck was it Baldwin?

  • This will haunt him for the rest of his days. I think he's a jerk but, he's still a human being and whatever really happened ended in a loss of life, a heartbreaking tragedy. Don't judge him.

  • Wait what's this? Baldwin didn't pull the trigger? OMG OMG, the libterds were right... GUNS KILL PEOPLE!!!!!!

  • Assuming this pistol was a Wild West era single action pistol, it is literally impossible for the gun to fire unless he pulled the trigger or pulled the hammer back and then released it.

  • Single action revolver needs to have someone pull the Hammer back and pull the hook. Guns don't kill people Alec Baldwin does.

  • Being a leftist means never having to say you're sorry ... because you will inevitably blame someone else for any bad outcomes.

  • Alec has been calling for a gun ban on movie's not guns that need to be banned. It's idiots that need to be banned. He didn't even pull the trigger? And yet another gun that was taken over by the devil and started shooting all by itself?

  • I would never point a gun at someone and pull the trigger. I would only point the gun at someone.

  • We know who you are already, you don't have to play phony with us.

  • A well known leftist actor is going to cry, so let's do an intimate and personal interview to further bolster public acceptance of this cold blooded murder and celebrate our two tiered justice system tonight on ABC!

  • That's not how it works! Bullets in a pistol don't leave a barrel and hit a target without the physical act of a trigger.

  • You NEVER point a weapon at ANYONE, period. Unless you're prepared to kill for self defense. You should be in jail Alex.

  • ... so I guess there will be no justice for his victim. What a disgrace!

  • He's acting again, the trigger pulled its self I guess.

  • what a fuck tard " i didnt pull the trigger " my ass

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