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Alex Jones Goes Off On New World Order Globalists: 'You Lit Their A** Up And Now Their A** Is Grass'
Jan 19, 2023

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"As soon as we light their a** up with the truth, just like in the military, they put the Special Forces in to laser target, so that when the missiles come in..." - Alex Jones

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  • Besides Alex other voices are now showing what Alex was saying for years. Keeping the focus on the TRUE overlords of so much misery in the world is now too big for just one man to do. Too many people know and too many voices know that the GLOBALISTS, these countryless, money worshiping douchecanoes are the real snakes of it all. Thank you Alex!

  • It is the ones calling themselves the Bilderberg Group who run the show and must be first to be prosecutor an they are Rothschilds Rockefellers and all their friends like Clintons Bush Obama and their agencies like UN and NATO FBI and CIA and Military Complex Heads


  • Sorry, but after the Sandy Hoax bullshit, and still not calling out the demon kikes that did this to him, he;s an actor through and through, none of this is remotely real, He's playing the same role as the repugnikins, standing up, pretending to represent the people while distracting from the real problems and losing on purpose to set a precedent. The Jews are the problem, everybody knows the jews are the problem, and anybody trying to pretend the jews arent the problem is serving the demon jew in its war against humanity.

  • This is why they want gun confiscation world wide... Especially in America because they are scared to death of us and when we wake up as a whole unit of citizens they cannot take over especially with knowing we have the means to defend ourselves ..... Without the 2nd we are certainly gone forever.....

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  • He is looking more like a Joo every day.

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