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Angry Dad Serves School Board $200 Million Medical Malpractice Lawsuit At Public Meeting
Oct 09, 2021

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  • Brave! We are dealing with a death cult IMHO. The same evil parasites that inspired my late father to leave my mother with my sibling in the womb to depose such evil before is reach our shores. Now it is everywhere and everybody is fast asleep.

  • This is great - these filthy Marxists need to be shown that they are not in charge. We the people pay their salaries, and they are our children. Time to de-throne them with protests and lawsuits!

  • It doesn't make a difference. The only people that will end up paying are the tax payers for that school district. The district will then raise taxes to offset what they had to pay.

  • My solution is take your kids out of Public School! Homeschool them with other local moms and dads in your neighborhood. The children are no longer safe at school , they are dumbing them down, indoctrinating them, bullying them and teaching them false truths. Get your kids out of public school before it’s too late!

  • Every board ive watched are despicable cretins,pedophiles and are operating far outside their remit, when this is all over and you have sued them for every cent, you need to pursue public hangings! They’re all complicit! #BuyMoreRope

  • Go for it mums and dads Keep your kids out of these hell holes If you can not change them ASAP even if you have too set up your own school! There are teachers who are loosing their jobs because they will not do these evil things to your children! And they need work! And for a large part of America’s history a lot of people were educated by one teacher in a one room school! And look what a country you built!

  • Good. I hope he follows through. All the leftwing schoolboard members need to be replaced by parents who know what they need to do and have common sense. Remember every member of the school oars must live in that district. Just saying.

  • Go get’em Dad! I’m behind you 100%

  • 9 women and 2 guys?

  • Good move. They have forgotten who they work for. When they have to pay, should wake up a lot more people. However we have seen the corruption and cowardice of judges.

  • Schools get bundles of money for doing these insane things. FOLLOW THE MONEY.

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