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AZ AG Stuns Reporter With A Question Of His Own After Being Asked About His Jab Status
Nov 25, 2021

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  • Our medical information is personal, but the government can force us to get jabbed for whatever they want? That doesn't make sense. In fact our medical information is NOT private. People think HIPAA protects your health information. Bullshit!!

  • The layout of GAB TV should allow light background

  • LOL...why the government did not put all the gays in camps back in the 80's when they were spreading the aids virus all the over the world?? ....seriously ! is a good question. people were getting infected by blood transfusion, by drug used, the STD's were spreading faster than wild fire back then...the AIDS virus was and still more deadly than Covid

  • First of all...we all know that the blonde woman is soooo like...pissed at the dude for basically stepping over her little power trip...I'm sure a "mansplaining" accusation is forthcoming. Also...the daggers she's throwing at the person that asked the question...I'm talking sharp sheers here....and the final "turn around" and shoot the looks that kill at the same person that asked the question. And finally, what's with the fat red-headed guy in the background with all the crazy looks? In conclusion...decertify already!

  • THAT actually was a good answer. But I would like to pose one of my own. WHY is the 2020 election in Arizona NOT decertified by now? We have enough proof and yet you are sitting on this and not doing anything, or so it appears! We, as Arizonans, are sick and tired of the endless petitions and the stalling of this issue. It needs to be done and done NOW.

  • BA HA HA H A A A !

  • lolol. If the AZ AG is answering questions like that, I'm pretty sure they are all fcked and not getting away with the election fraud lololol.

  • And, that's how it's done!

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