Behind The Scenes Footage Of Kyle Rittenhouse After He Left The Courtroom As A Free Man
Nov 20, 2021

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  • God bless ya KIDA..

  • Indicted, prosecuted and a hare's breath away from convicted for doing the right thing and protecting his life. Damages.

  • The hard part may be over, but out ain't easy from here. They are watching him.

  • Mind blowing that we got the right verdict in these times. Give this kid the Medal of Honor and the Medal of Valor. He served the country when everyone paid to do so was standing down.

    Its not over. The hard part is yet to come. But we have rights and Kyle proved it in a court of law. So stand firm. Do not stand down. #TakeItBack

  • Such an amazing young man! May his mind find peace now that the trial has concluded with absolution of any wrong doing on his part.

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