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BIden Admin Loses Track Of 45,000 Migrant Kids
Oct 19, 2021

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  • It's not long until Halloween. One of the main "event" for satanists. Biden had a very strong reason for what he allowed to happen. How can we end this? It can't go on forever. It darkens the earth. Could it even be that it's a main reason for so many people to get lost in depressions? Also if they don't know about it, the field is everywhere and influencing everybody.

  • This may seem a bit trivial but is very important: Notice the vehicle being used for transport Alex stood in front of. It's got a major dent on the side and a magnetic (removable) sign on the driver door to make it look like an "official" organization. The whole thing stinks!

  • This is fucked up

  • typical Biden administration. How many are trafficked???? Biden ad doesn't know or CARE!!!

  • Child sacrifice. Money makers.

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