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Biden Endorses Firing ALL First Responders Who Resist Vaccine Mandate, Says What He Really Thinks About Freedom
Oct 22, 2021

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  • The Dudes Un-Hinged just like his followers

  • Well women have the "right" to kill babies. Maybe anti-poison shot people just believe in late term abortion.

  • Remove this fraud from our White House immediately..

  • Good. Antivax pieces of shit shouldn't be first responders

  • we need a call to war and remove these people from office...there are plenti of professional biologists and others who will back up the truth about how dangerous the jabs are...we need to go to war and demand that this government step is our lives and much evidence shows that this has been, and still is biological warfare.....our families and our own lives are on the line and we have plenti of people who would side with the unvacced/////

    the political thing can't work until we take back control and force free speech and remove those who are behind this attack

  • Biden and his goons clearly have forgotten or dismissed the fact that this country was made by and for people seeking "Freedom."

  • That’s because he doesn’t have to worry about assistance…he’s special. Worry is for you, the little, expendable people.

  • How about the word "Liberty," or "Religion," or "Values," or "Morals"? How about the word, "God"? The government is not my shepherd. And I would rather be homeless and running from the law than to sell my soul for a few credits that are soon to become meaningless.

  • Ccp Manchurian cantidate

  • The way he used the word freedom so loosely should have every American concerned

  • This is terrible

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