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Biden Goes CRAZY In ANGRY & UNHINGED Rant, Yelling At Audience
Oct 16, 2021

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  • Looks like Crazy Joe has been taken over by a demon.

  • did he say Fuher?

  • The jabs are starting to work.....he's a mindless robot!!!

  • Now the mask is off. This is the face the little girls see as they die.

  • I wonder if that was approved by his handlers.

  • "I have fewer cells in my brain than I did fifteen minutes ago...FEWER! Not more...FEWER!"

  • This is the face, and the fist slam, of tyrants. He feels very comfortable doing it.


  • What is that??? This is NOT Brandon

  • Bitter old fuck!

  • Possession is 9/10th of the law.

  • His face is morphing. Demonic looking.

  • Is that his real face? It looks computer generated.

  • He looks like the Wizard from Oz....mad world indeed

  • Look at the size of his head! It's growing. Looks like the Frankenstein monster....WHERE'S MY DUMY??? It is indeed a very mad World. Buckle up, Dorothy - it's about to get crazier

  • Hitler 100 percent Biden is hitler and made my grandpa a slay in the 1940s I’m so glade my grandpa survived to tell the story

  • What an idiot. He is truly a typical Democrat. His cognizant abilities is within the parameters of normal democrats that we see running the Democratic party today. The people in line to replace him like Kamala, Pelosi ,and the rest are worse than him.

  • Come on.. people! You're all better than this.

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