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Bill Gates Hints At Surprise COVID Variant While Touting Merck & Pfizer, Referring To Them As 'We'
Nov 19, 2021

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  • I thought he was hung in GITMO, is an old tape, or pieced together??

  • these weirdos got the next 20 years of diseases and poisonous cures already all lined up for us.

  • So want to see this freak dancing the dead man's jig after the trials.

  • And we're supposed to believe this from a man praising eugenics openly on TedTalks? I'm pro choice but will not vax and can completely understand people fearing the "vaccines" just for the fact that this man is so deeply envolved!

  • This fuccin monster BLACKROCK prick, is now planning his next fear driving agenda, Fuck you bully Gates, your need for greed, power and control will get the best of your despicable self….I see your cowardice continues as a FRANKENSTEIN FREEMASON…HOPE YOU AND ALL YOUR DISGUSTING COHORTS, GO STRAIGHT TO HELL WHERE YIU BELONG GRRRRRRRRRRR⁉️

  • Time to put this murderer out of our misery.

  • This tyrant truly thinks we're all fools. May the dogs of the planet find him and chew at his bones and devour his very essence.

  • I can't hear this word 'vaccine' anymore !!!!! Shut up!!!!!!

  • Oh sure! Tweak a more effective bioweapon. I can hear it now, "Will show them! They want to resist, we'll really do them off this time! We gave them a chance to take the stuff willingly to commit to a slow dead, but they complained." Sick twisted evil pedo minds. Obviously Gates is not addressing those he is killed off. He's openly reporting to the Globalists how tweaking the vaccine will extend its profitability.

  • Since when did he become A Doctor?

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