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BOMBSHELL Deaths Skyrocketed by 300% After COVID Vaccine - Funeral Director Blows The Whistle
Oct 15, 2021

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  • Just refreshing everyone's memory...justice must be served

  • The agenda for control, depop and totalitarian environmentalism goes off planet. They need you to get rid of me and all dissent.

  • We are watching our governments kill ppl! How to wake ppl up?🙏🏼

  • What these governments are doing is absolutely demonic


  • REDESAVIR (sorry I can't spell it correctly)

  • Thank you for exposing the truth, God Bless you

  • Thank you for coming forward!! We need more people like you!! 🙏🏼🙏🏼😔

  • it's all about depopulation n money .. doctors now get 712.00$ per shot n the hospitals now get 48000.00$ per body ... all paid by our government n our tax dollars ...

  • This is the best information on the Jab I have seen! Thank you sooo much for coming forward.

  • Funeral directors are puppets. Always have been. The real bombshell sits with us grave diggers.

  • Thank you Sir, for getting the truth out there to the public. God bless you and keep you Amen

  • What part of experimental do these moms not understand and why are the stupid doctors acting like this shot is something that ppl should try when pregnant?!

  • Thank you for this because of this will not take my booster shot

  • Which shots as J&J not out with booster and leads to to believe it is the others

  • Excellent interview by a good man....

  • Most likely dumped into Gehenna

  • The Pfizer COVID XIX Terminator vaccines

  • Shortages you're seeing is purely by design in an effort to move to Green energy and eventually get rid of meat altogether. Ready to become a vegan? Trucks are being held up because they are one of the worse polluters. People for God's sake do some research BUT, whatever you do don't use anything else but, Duck Duck Go!

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