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Brave Patriot Reveals Who's Behind Legalized Psychological War Ops Being Run On The American People
Nov 20, 2021

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  • Being a vet, I went through SERE. Their shit cannot affect me. I know the tricks and fear tactics do not work. I cannot be coerced or frightened into compliance. The more they try, the more defiant and resistant I become. They trained me well.

    This was before wokeness. This was before the military became nothing but an LGBTQ++++++++++++++ shitfest.

  • Perfect Love Casts out Fear

  • Wow! Nothing like a HOT, INTELLIGENT gal laying down the truth to help us all keep a CLEAR head in these uncertain times! Thank you for THAT!!!!

  • Agree, these jackass Globalist need to be put in their place ASAP F***k the whole corrupt government ⁉️⁉️⁉️⁉️⁉️⁉️

  • Well we all nose it's the jNews jews. Mudslime Obamanation terrorists and affiliates contaminating and controlling our very own people on our very own soil.

  • there should be a link to source on Obama made psyops on American people legal in 2014. it makes no sense that posse comitatus is still in effect EXCEPT for with psyops, thus demanding proof.

  • While probably true, when people do these videos in their car . . . can't take them seriously

  • And Trump doesn’t see the side effects? Bull crap! That phoney is still selling these death jabs. Look Trump, peel those damn eyeballs open and look, see the droopy lips, you are still doing this to people out of your arrogance, pridefulness, and pigheadedness. You are no president, your an employee of the devil.

  • Poor lady, looks like the shot got to her as well. She should not be afraid and tell the people how the left side of her face droops because of it. Would you of spoken out if you would of had no side effects? Pity so many beautiful people look like Gumby standing outside in 100 degree sun for 6 hours. Thanks for being fearless.

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