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Brilliant New Anti-Joe Music Video Is Like Nothing You’ve Ever Heard
Nov 12, 2021

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  • The song should appeal of characters who prefer style over substance.

  • Not sure where Joe is, but that ain't Joe Biden. Perhaps he's dead.

  • Pedo joe doesn't deserve such eloquent poetry. Well done!

  • Did anyone notice all the equipment shipped around the country from the UN and China during JADE HELM 15 (THAT NEVER WAS SHIPPED BACK TO THE POINT OF ORIGIN AFTER THE EXERCISE ) ????

    It was PREPOSITIONED for a future COUP. Now we can't sabatog an invasion by destruction of railroads. Think about it . The UN and China.

  • We don't see much of the fake First Lady do we?

  • Love it. Too bad it had to be written. God save our country!

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