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Brothel in Vienna Now Offering 30 Minutes with ‘Lady of Choice’ in Exchange for Vaccine
Nov 09, 2021

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  • Cool. So you get to fuck a jar of mayonnaise.

  • That chick walks like a dude. I mean...the bolt-on tiddies looked ok but looks like she's packin' a lil more that just those meat flaps if ya' get what I'm sayin'.

  • They really think this is going to 'end' the pandemic? Best everyone is exposed to it and develops natural immunity. Then, the virus is likely to mutate to become more contagious but less deadly. Unless, Fauci and his crew have been meddling with it's genetics, again. That escort does have a nice little walk from behind, though.

  • How stupid and desperate can one be. Rosie palm would be a better choice.

  • It must be true then. If you get the Wuhan vaccine, you get screwed

  • 600,000 Americans die yearly of cancer, yet there is no mandated chemotherapy or radiation. 660,000 Americans die each year of heart disease yet no mandated drugs against it. Why are people so insane on this topic of COVID 19? The Amish did not nothing and now have a vital herd immunity.


    Why, I am not exactly sure...but it can't good!

  • That moment when your friend tells you he got a free donut for the jab...haha

  • Take IVM, jerk off.

  • yeah 30 minutes and vax will give you cancer in 3 years

  • Thats worrisome dont even want to dwell on it ,next!

  • Hope they dont do that in the US or I might give in the the jab. Wink wink

  • The Shot doesn't offer immunity you fucking retards....according to the ass holes that make the death jab it will only offer YOU some protection from illness....not infection. therefore YOU WILL STILL TRANSMIT THE FUCKING DISEASE!!! You absolute fucking pieces of degenerate shit!

  • lol....Does the shot protect you from AIDS as well...? probably gives it to you so I guess it doesn't matter that you fucked a whore with AIDS..... Good job retard.

  • Sex slave in exchange for cooperating with the slave drivers. Business as usual for the enslavers.

  • Deliberately lining up to get STDs.

  • Wow. This now confirms and concludes my long analysis into the sexual associative traits of the human psyche. Sigmund Freud was correct along! (lol) Interesting how pieces of the puzzle are found during the worse conditions in which to find them in.

  • Better than a free cheeseburger, but still not enough

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