Bumbling Biden Snaps At Reporter, Triggered Over Simple COVID Jab Question
Jan 13, 2022

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  • Biden looks like he is struggling soooooo hard with one of 2 things: containing a laugh or, and this is towards the end and IF he has a soul which I doubt, perhaps some realization of just how much blood is on his hands.

  • His handlers quickly sweep in. What a fucking coward!

  • When I see him in front of the microphone all I can think about is that Led Zeppelin song dazed and confused.

  • Folks, we'll talk about that later - comon....

  • This is like a spam caller asking if you own your home. Just hang up on this criminal.

  • This is not how a President responds to questions. Joe Biden is a buffoon and he knows his days lying and misleading the American people are numbered.

  • Omicron surge? My fucking white hairy ass!

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