Celebrities Now Terrorized By Home Invasion 'Teams,' Looks Like Hollywood Horror Movie
Nov 12, 2021

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  • That's great! These pompous sanctimonious high school dropout retards deserve every humiliation and injustice the world can heap on them. Well done!

  • Now she's not only rich and famous, SHE'S A VICTIM TOO! That's the best kinda rich you can be!

  • Hahaha, just keep defunding the Police and you will find out. :-))

  • Maybe she's going bankrupt and can make a money claim on insurance.

  • Hey , after watching that crystal clear video , I recognized those guys robbing that place , it looked like the Sleepy Joe Biden gang of hoods , the guy with the fancy shoes , that was Corn Pop, and the Tall guy with the hoodie , that as Barry Obama.

  • In California it's called reparations. Those white bitches stole it from the down trodden.

  • Welcome to Hotel California

  • Crystal clear!?!? We have crystal clear video plus testimony in Kyle Rittenhouse's court case and you don't see these MSM whores saying a thing. Not to mention all the crystal clear videos of Jan 6th. And I'm sure the FBI has conveniently lost some of that too

  • She needs to stop buying expensive crap and invest in a better security system.

  • How the hell is this shithead a "star"? See, that's the problem today.

  • "brought to justice" it's crime to loot rich areas now and not poor ones?

  • Nothing like advertising what you have so they can steal it.

  • Wow....NOW the video is "crystal clear" but the Mossad/ADL/B'nai B'rith still haven't released 'crystal' clear videos of what happened at the Pentagon on September 11, 2001. All we know is that the 5 dancing Israelis were sent back to Israel by the FBI after they'd been in custody for two months after having failed lie detector tests and after having been in custody for two months.

  • The smile that they sent out...

  • Oh well!

  • they brought it on themselves.

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