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Chris Sky Goes Off, Drops Barrage Of Truth Bombs With Maria Zeee On Infowars
Nov 24, 2022

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"You don't want to be seen as nice, because nice people are easily taken advantage of nice people are naive, nice, people won't fight back, stop getting this idea that you want to be seen as nice. You want to be seen as good..." - Chris Sky

"Like you said they can lie right to our face because they have such little respect for us." - Chris Sky

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  • Nice: Etymology From Middle English nyce, nice, nys, from Old French nice, niche, nisce (“simple, foolish, ignorant”), from Latin nescius (“ignorant, not knowing”); compare nesciō (“to know not, be ignorant of”), from ne (“not”) + sciō (“to know”).

  • Dude's a douchebag but at least he does SOMETHING about the tyranny unlike most everyone else who clutch their pearls.

  • Nice shirt Chris Sky.

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