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Cleveland Clinic Delays Man's Kidney Transplant Due To Donor Not Being Vaccinated
Oct 12, 2021

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  • Assholes on the ascendant.


  • Get to an herbalist nothing is impossible when the soul still breathes.

    When they are back on their feet sue the pants off the Cleveland Clinic.

  • if he dies ... murder charges should be filed ... Cleveland Clinic is all about money ... they are receiving huge , huge bonuses for pushing the shot ... doctors n the hospital alike ... God's gonna get them ... what you sow , YOU WILL REAP ...

  • If the donor and recipient understand the risks and want to go forward with the operation a psychopathic hospital policy should not prevent the life saving procedure. It's like the hospitals and doctors keeping terminally ill patients from trying alternative medicines. If the procedure or medicine is not "approved" by the death panels then you will just have to die. Trump's Right to Try Act was a step forward but I wouldn't be surprised if Biden rolled that back. If the kidney recipient dies because of this pathetic policy I hope his family sues the hospital for manslaughter.

  • "First, do no harm." Doctors are scum. So-called "health care" administrators who make these decisions are scum. The entire corporate "health care" industry is full of scum and should be totally reworked. What a system. What a society that allows this to happen.

  • It's for your health....right?

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