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Clot Shot Facts & Truths Leaves Board Of Supervisors Stunned In San Diego - Dr. Scott Youngblood
Nov 15, 2021

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  • Placing words like "Clot Shot" may be fine for regular RVM followers, but for the uninitiated, it is a pejorative, leave this type of language for the MSM. A professional journalistic title for this video would read: "Dr. Scott Youngblood presents unreported covid vaccine facts to San Diego Board Of Supervisors"

  • Thanks for the truth

  • Yes sir. I want to use this at my school board meeting.

  • This was brilliant, so concise and to the point and he finished just in time. If I belonged to any other platforms I'd post this all over - this needs to get out to a wider audience.

  • Not going to see this on mainstream news media or social media. Why is that? Could be they want everyone vaccinated to do something people wouldn't agree to if they knew this.

  • This needs to be put on every social media platform in existence.

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