Oct 18, 2021

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  • Take away his paycheck and watch how quickly he starts calling out the left.

  • Good for her!

  • I like this lady. The fat baboon is a clown as usual.

  • when a Far left journalist little Miss Weiss tells you that the world have gone mad , that should make you paused.

  • Little Brian Stelter makes that incredibly stupid face to feign confusion every one of the countless times he or CNN is called out. "What did I lie about?" with that ugly expression when called a liar. "Who at CNN called people "racist"? I've never heard of that! You can talk about any topic - I have no idea why anyone would suggest otherwise! What is the sensor ship and where can I get on board?" 🤡

    When people make Brian Stelter think he isn't a joke, the world has gone mad. When Brian Stelter calls for censoring Tucker Carlson then acts confused over the concept of censorship, he has gone mad.

  • Stelter got schooled. Weiss is a brilliant intellect and he could offer nothing intelligent in response as he and his network got called out.

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