Nov 21, 2021

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  • IF you learned this stuff during the trial @CNN then why did you publish the lies you did?

  • I hope he puts this trash out of business.

  • Do you smell that? I can smell her perfume through the screen. It smells like FEAR.

  • She said "new things" that we learn during the trial ??? Lol. Its a 180° turn away of what they've reported during a full year. Because another GIGANTIC Lawsuet are profile

  • What would she looklike in a studio I wonder. As picturesque as she does outside Wisconin's one and only courthouse?

  • This is CNN ???? What happened?

  • The face of the presenter in the studio is a picture of (yes we already knew all this evidence) Hopefully Kyle will sue these hypocrites and receive hundreds of millions of dollars in reparation.

  • Democrats know Rittenhouse isn't racist. They say he is just to create racial tension because they use racism to silence others.

  • Meanwhile Planned Parenthood murders over 400,000 black babies a year and they call that a woman's right..

  • Kinda surprised the reporter didn't get struck by lightning for speaking the truth. She'll probably be fired next week.

  • Too late CNN! you pussies know Kyle is going to sue the shit out of you and win, and rightly so. It's clear that even after sandman took you to the cleaners you haven't learned anything. Kyle is going to own your ass.

  • "AR Style" "capable of firing very rapidly" They just can't help themselves.

  • The videos proving Kyle's innocents were available last year online.

  • What do you mean "we learned it" during the trial, scumbag? You, CNN, a so-called news agency, should've "learned" LONG before the trial. Wi gun laws and videos are open to everyone. You CHOSE not to report this to stoke tension, and sell leftist propaganda. I hope Kyle gets $100 M from you

  • Bwhahaha... that's some heavy-duty damage control

  • I hope he wins bigly from these cocksucking parasites!

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