Nov 19, 2021

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  • sack of dogcrap needs to be put in an iron maiden.

  • i know i am not because i am not having that Vax..

  • Go to hell Bill. Oh wait you already are. JOE 70% of the people in hospitals are fully vaxxed and are dying.

  • Lies lies lies..... Seal Team 6 America needs you

  • every word out of that thing has been a lie total non stop misinformation ya let's just take unlimited jabs forever here in Canada {Crickets}.

  • LIES!!! LIES!!! Satanic lies! We are witnessing the WORST CRIME ever perpetrated upon Humankind! These criminals MUST pay for their demonic transgressions! The LORD will utterly destroy their decrepit souls!

  • Let me make myself clear, BIDEN, you are an illigitimate wanna be president and nothing but LIES from your tongue and destruction of our country that was made SAFE, oil independent, doors locked (BORDERS) UNTIL ALL YOU IDIOTS walked in / Rochelle Walensky, you are a BIGGER DISGRACE than FAUCI! SHAME on you LADY! Dumber than dumb! Bill Gates, STFU!

  • do all sign language users look this fvcking smug? this annoys me no end

  • argh that jew bitch walensky begs for a punch in the face

  • How can the sheeple not see through this?

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